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The names and faces listed here have been released in accordance with the Georgia Public Record and Information disclosure statues.  This list is a true and accurate list of arrest warrants and records on file at various county Sheriff's Offices, State Police Offices and various law enforcement agencies across Georgia.  Do not try and apprehend anyone.  Instead contact the nearest law enforcement agency in your county.  If you are among those listed, you may wish to contact an attorney.  Those included here have warrants on file at various law enforcement agencies only and are not indicative of guilt or innocence.  Any person is innocent of wrong doing unless proven guilty in a court of law.  All content published on the website and in our magazine is public information and is published in compliance with Georgia Law.  This is an accurate list of records on file at various county law offices.  All persons featured as sex offenders are registered through the state of Georgia.  The information in this publication should not be used to determine an individuals actual criminal record.  To obtain a current status report on a particular case, contact the clerk of courts office in that county or state.